Why do you need to optimize your company’s print fleet management?

Majority of companies do not really know the cost of printing, which can however represent up to 3% of overall turnover. Indeed, many companies have no idea of ​​their print cartridge inventory or its value, despite very real budgetary risks. So, just with the hardware and maintenance, it may seem complicated to have an accurate […]

New release of KPAX (3.0.8)

Since October 11th the release candidate is available on the rc.kpax.cloud server. The release is planned from October 18th, the deployments will be spread over 2 to 3 days. This new version contains a lot of cool new stuff like: – New automations on custom fields allowing for example to manage inventory, calculate costs or […]

The new version of KPAX v3 (3.0.7)

The new version of KPAX v3 (3.0.7) has been released today, July 12th. This evolution introduces custom fields and associated automatisms. Custom fields allow you to add new columns of data to your devices, agents and accounts. The data contained in these columns can be integers, decimals, strings, dates and times or Boolean (Yes/No). This […]

Optimising service department operational costs with a printer fleet management solution

For the past few years, distributors of printers, consumables and print multifunction devices have had easy remote monitoring of equipment deployed at customers’ premises and thus provide a better experience for their customers. KPAX Manage is an innovative and proven solution that reduces the operational costs of the after-sales service department in order to preserve […]

Update of KPAX data collection agent

The new version of the KPAX collection agent (valid with KPAX v2 & v3) is being deployed. It includes improvements for 43 models of Develop, Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Oki, Sato, Samsung, Ricoh, Kyocera, Epson, Xerox. You will find the details by model in the release note available directly in KPAX.

KPAX 3.0.6 is online

The new features included in this new version make it easier to deploy and manage collection agents: Simplification of agent deployment thanks to the preconfigured agent: simply send an email to the end customer who only has to download and install their agent, with no activation information to enter. Benefits: simplify and reduce the time […]