KPAX Manage is HP Smart Device Services 1.0 certified

KPAX Manage benefits from HP Smart Device Services technology. This allows remote management and administration functions to be accessed on HP SDS-compatible HP printing systems directly from the KPAX Manage interface

New update available since the end of October

This new version available since the end of October includes among other things: Automatic operations: It is now possible to create accounts to automate certain operations such as creating an agent, creating reports and notifications. A better management of the actions recommended by HP SDS allowing a better follow-up: ignore, validate, close Information collection improvements […]

New! KPAX Liberty allows remote access to the web pages of the printing devices

Available soon ! With KPAX Liberty, reduce your operational costs and carbon footprint by limiting unnecessary technician’s travel. Remotely access device web pages and perform the operations available in the interface in a simple and secure way such as restarting, configuring or changing firmware. This new feature will soon be available on your Liberty already […]


2iT solutions

Rhône Alpes Repro Informatique distributes the Ricoh brand in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. The installed fleet is composed of 2100 printing systems for over 1000 customers.

With KPAX Manage, the initial idea was to free up the time that the team spent reading meters for tasks with more added value. We also wanted to improve the management of consumables as they make up an important proportion of the cost per page.

We chose KPAX Manage because I could sense the strong involvement of the Bluemega team, with a constant focus on meeting their commitments. KPAX Manage Liberty collection device has a real advantage, providing a solution in environments in which the installation of a software agent is complicated, for example in schools or Mac environments. Development carried out concurrently enabled us to interface KPAX Manage with our ERP and we are currently finalising the automation of our delivery slips.

We deployed very quickly by geographical zones, to implement the solution either through remote installation or on-site installation. To achieve this, I hired a delivery agent with IT skills and had him trained on KPAX Manage by Bluemega.

To date, we have deployed 1045 customer accounts in around nine months. We hope to complete the installation by the end of the year. It’s a really motivating challenge for my technical team. To limit the software agent disconnection constraints linked to the customer infrastructure, we’re looking into deploying the entire fleet with the KPAX Manage Liberty collection device.

Nicolas Mondon – Rhône Alpes Repro Informatique


Technical Manager for Groupe C’PRO

C’PRO was founded in 1991 by Mr. Pieric Brenier. We historically provide printing solutions but have expanded into IT and telephony. While we initially developed solely in the Rhône Alpes region, the C’PRO group decided to internationalise its offer a few years ago. The group has 1500 employees and our main brands are Canon, Toshiba, Kyocera and HP.

For our printing solutions, our strategy is to use several manufacturers, which meant that for a printing system management solution it would have been too complicated to use several brand manufactured tools. Therefore, we looked to a multi-brand compatible product like KPAX. Bluemega also had the added advantage of being a highly responsive software publisher, attentive to our needs. Our initial aim was to automate meter readings, to integrate them automatically into our ERP to facilitate invoicing and to save our customers from having to do it, while ensuring better service by automatizing handling as much as possible.

We quickly began to use KPAX to improve the management of consumables, with the constant aim of relieving our customers of the restocking tasks and optimising stock management. The issue is to deliver the ink cartridge at the right time to our end customers, without them needing to have stocks. Therefore, we relieved our customers of this task which enables us to have better control over the flow of consumables. Stocks were reduced by 20% in the first year.

The data collected by KPAX is used by the sales team. It enables them to provide dynamic monitoring of the volumes used by our customers on each device. These volumes enable us to refine our offer when renewing the fleet to be as close as possible to the users’ real needs.

To date, we have 40,000 devices connected to KPAX Manage, 23,000 of these are in the Rhône-Alpes region. But the solution is being extended to new regions. Depending on the specific context of each customer, the devices are connected either by the KPAX software agent or through the KPAX Liberty device. This hardware agent, launched by Bluemega in 2016 is a great help to us, enabling us to sidestep the problems of unstable environments (no server) which generate numerous disconnections, or specific environments (Mac environment) which were impossible to connect.

As well as generalising KPAX Manage in all our regions, we have a lot of other ideas for this software. To start with we’d like to be able to implement more requests on the data collected by KPAX Manage to refine our analyses and to provide a better service for our customers. Then we hope to implement the means of reducing the intervention times and on-site visits of our technicians with remote maintenance. Today, KPAX is highly integrated in our internal tools, we have very high hopes for the new version which is due to launch this year.

Laurent Delorme – Technical Manager for Groupe C’PRO


Technical Manager of SORAM

SORAM was one of the first companies to use KPAX Manage. We chose this solution because of a desire to improve our customer services and the efficiency of our processes in view of our development. Formerly, invoicing real consumption required a lot of energy to retrieve information directly from the customer. Now this is done automatically, and the customers can simply check the figures.

KPAX Manage also allowed us to provide an automatic delivery service for consumables. This way the customer doesn’t have to take care of anything, and consumable stocks were reduced by over 70%.

When we bought the solution, it was the 1st version of KPAX Manage and we chose this solution because it met our requirements: a multi-manufacturer compatible solution enabling us to manage our entire fleet, a server hosted locally to meet the security requirements of our end users, representatives available to solve problems. The generalisation of KPAX Manage across the fleet required a vast change management effort for the technical teams. We needed them to understand the advantages in order to get the technicians on board. It took a lot of effort, but the results provide so many advantages that the whole team is motivated.

KPAX Manage is currently managing 5000 printing systems on 4 different manufacturer devices at SORAM, which is around 80% of the whole fleet. The recent and upcoming changes to the software are relevant to us for several reasons: the KPAX Manage Liberty hardware device answers the problems of customers who do not have the infrastructure to host the software agent; the disconnected agent suits customers with high security demands; the fleet governance module allows us to offer a new service to our customers.

David Matheron – Technical Manager of SORAM


Operations Manager for Ecoburotic

Present in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom, the Ecoburotic group supports over 100,000 SMBs in the optimisation of their printing fleets. With the aim of launching the Print Essentiel offer which allows for just in time provision of consumables, as well as a multi-function cost per page offer, Ecoburotic needed a tool capable of collecting the meter readings and ink level information of printing systems from several different brands.

We were quickly drawn towards KPAX Manage as this solution, developed by Bluemega, could be hosted on our systems, and the team which is based in France appeared to be highly attentive and agile. During various tests, we saw that the KPAX Manage software agent is easy to deploy in a SMB environment and that it was possible to process the data in our CRM.

Installation and familiarisation of the KPAX Manage server by the Ecoburotic teams was quick. Since then, we have deployed our customers bit by bit, depending on the new contracts. Whenever we need to improve the KPAX Manage feedback on certain printer models, the Bluemega support and development teams react quickly. Procedures are now in place and the Bluemega team is really involved.

More recently, the arrival of the KPAX Liberty hardware agent was a good surprise as this product is unique to Bluemega and enabled us to deploy our offer among customers with a specific environment.

Vincent Delerue – Operations Manager for Ecoburotic


Technical Director SMB 97

Created in Martinique in 1989, the SMB Group has now been active for nearly 20 years in the West Indies, French Guiana, Reunion Island and Mayotte. With a workforce of 120 employees, SMB is a major player in the office automation and IT market. It works with professionals (SMBs), key accounts and public stakeholders (local authorities, administrations, hospitals, etc.). Its installed base exceeds 10,000 machines, mainly Toshiba and Lexmark brands. The Group internalises the entire value chain, from marketing to fleet maintenance. In order to optimise maintenance operational flows, SMB wished to integrate more software solutions.

The initial need to find an effective fleet management solution came from a desire to respond ever more quickly to our customers’ expectations. This results in uninterrupted communication between the Group and its machine fleet. This permanent connection makes it possible to have: (I) feedback on toner levels and trigger automatic deliveries without risk of shortages at the customer’s premises, (II) feedback on breakdowns to considerably reduce repair times, (III) more recurrent invoicing… The choice of Bluemega’s KPAX solution came naturally as it met all these expectations while bringing together manufacturer solutions which are often very different.

As far as configuration is concerned, the counters are retrieved by KPAX and uploaded directly into our ERP. This connection optimises toner deliveries (without risk of shortages) based on customer consumption habits. This reduces stocks and spending at the end of the chain. Technical alerts are used to better classify breakdowns during customer calls, ensuring the success of our technicians’ interventions.

The implementation required a number of extensive tests on several solutions. We chose Bluemega, based on their offer of a complete solution, a good price, very positive feedback on their efficiency as well as the availability and flexibility of the Bluemega team. High quality support is an essential element in the success of such a software. The “made in France” element also played in its favour. We started deploying KPAX in September 2018. Nine months later, over 30% of our fleet is managed through the solution. KPAX is easy to deploy, aided by emails sent to customers to explain the installation process, which facilitates the work of SMB teams. Creating user profiles, tree view structures and associated rights is simple. Data integration into the ERP is done easily using import files. The calculated fields allow you to customise data and individualise answers according to customer needs. Support is key and I have to say that we were well supported by the Bluemega team and the Bluemega Academy portal which centralises all the necessary documents.

We are now looking forward to the new version of KPAX and hoping that it can help us to better manage consumable buffer stocks, that it will allow access from mobile devices and that Toshiba departmental counters can be collected. The Liberty box, alternative equipment for structures with insufficient infrastructure to carry the KPAX collection agent, is interesting, we hope that the new version of this box will be less expensive.

Jules Destin – Technical Director SMB 97