KPAX updated with version 3.0.2

The new version of our KPAX V3 print fleet management solution has just been updated. It includes several improvements and new features such as: Improved user interface for the detailed agent view Logo customization functionality (in interface, email and tablet mode) Addition of Italian and Portuguese Choice of language when editing a rule Shift of […]


We are very lucky ! KPAX is officially represented by Glocal Value in Italy. For all your questions about our MVPs, follow the link : #KPAXmvp #KPAX #KPAX #Fleetmanagement #Print

Technical Director SMB 97

Created in Martinique in 1989, the SMB Group has now been active for nearly 20 years in the West Indies, French Guiana, Reunion Island and Mayotte. With a workforce of 120 employees, SMB is a major player in the office automation and IT market. It works with professionals (SMBs), key accounts and public stakeholders (local […]

Operations Manager for Ecoburotic

Present in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom, the Ecoburotic group supports over 100,000 SMBs in the optimisation of their printing fleets. With the aim of launching the Print Essentiel offer which allows for just in time provision of consumables, as well as a multi-function cost per page offer, Ecoburotic needed a tool capable of […]

Technical Manager of SORAM

SORAM was one of the first companies to use KPAX Manage. We chose this solution because of a desire to improve our customer services and the efficiency of our processes in view of our development. Formerly, invoicing real consumption required a lot of energy to retrieve information directly from the customer. Now this is done […]

Technical Manager for Groupe C’PRO

C’PRO was founded in 1991 by Mr. Pieric Brenier. We historically provide printing solutions but have expanded into IT and telephony. While we initially developed solely in the Rhône Alpes region, the C’PRO group decided to internationalise its offer a few years ago. The group has 1500 employees and our main brands are Canon, Toshiba, […]

2iT solutions

Rhône Alpes Repro Informatique distributes the Ricoh brand in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. The installed fleet is composed of 2100 printing systems for over 1000 customers. With KPAX Manage, the initial idea was to free up the time that the team spent reading meters for tasks with more added value. We also wanted to […]

KPAX Manage is HP Smart Device Services 1.0 certified

KPAX Manage benefits from HP Smart Device Services technology. This allows remote management and administration functions to be accessed on HP SDS-compatible HP printing systems directly from the KPAX Manage interface

New update available since the end of October

This new version available since the end of October includes among other things: Automatic operations: It is now possible to create accounts to automate certain operations such as creating an agent, creating reports and notifications. Better management of the actions recommended by HP SDS allowing for better follow-up: ignore, validate, close Information collection improvements All […]

New! KPAX Liberty allows remote access to the web pages of the printing devices

  Available soon ! With KPAX Liberty, reduce your operational costs and carbon footprint by limiting unnecessary technician’s travel. Remotely access device web pages and perform the operations available in the interface in a simple and secure way such as restarting, configuring or changing firmware. This new feature will soon be available on your Liberty […]