Are you looking for software to manage your print fleet? To get the right tool for your needs, focus on the printing features offered. A software rich in features is ideal to have a powerful and efficient tool. It remains to be seen what features your print management software should have. To find out, read our article.

Why is using print management software important ?

To understand the benefits of using print management software, let’s first familiarize ourselves with its advantages. Whether you are a private company, an administration or a community, having a print manager provides many benefits.  
  • Reducing costs related to print jobs
  • Optimization of the security of data and printed documents
  • The improvement of the company’s productivity
  • Protection of the environment with an eco-responsible printing activity
So, to take advantage of these benefits, get a good print management tool.

What are the main features of a print manager ? 

Today, companies and organizations are spoiled for choice with the print management software available on the market. But keep in mind that not all software solutions are equal and do not necessarily meet the specific needs of each structure. That’s why you need to check what features are offered to understand the overall performance of the software.  The essential features of a print management software 2

Management of printing peripherals

What would be a print management software if it can’t manage the printing devices. It must be able to monitor and configure each device present in the printing environment. Where you need to be careful is with compatibility. If your print fleet is made up of different types of devices, some may not be supported. Also, check that the software is compatible with different brands of printers, copiers, scanners and multifunction devices.

Management of printing resources

A printing fleet generates a lot of expenses, especially large ones. To reduce printing costs, good resource management is therefore decisive. To this end, your print manager must be able to provide information on resources, especially consumables. In particular, the software must inform you about the level of available consumables (ink cartridges and toner) in order to plan the replenishment. To control your budget, pay attention to the hidden costs of a printing fleet

User management

If you let everyone print documents, you’re letting supplies (paper and ink) go to waste. Plus, it’s not safe for sensitive documents that may be out there for everyone to see. To avoid this, you need features that allow user authentication. Access rights can be in the form of a login and password, a badge or a PIN code. Note that some software even allows you to create user profiles in order to limit access to certain functions.

Managing the print flow

How many print jobs does your company do each day? What types of documents require the most printing? Who is the employee who does the most printing? These types of questions are critical to understanding printing needs and ensuring that resources are being used wisely. To get this kind of information, your software must be able to monitor the print flow in real time. With this functionality, you can optimize productivity and prevent misuse.

Security of print data

The use of connected devices always represents a risk of theft of sensitive and confidential data for a company. Connected printers are no exception to the rule. That’s why it’s important to have a print manager equipped with features to secure print data. A print management software secures data in different ways like encryption to make files in transit unreadable. There is also the “secure print” feature to store documents on a protected server while queued. 

Integration with other enterprise applications

A company needs several types of applications to perform time-consuming and complex tasks. These include ERP software, document management software (DMS), CRM software and many others. To save time and maximize productivity, make sure the print manager can integrate with other applications. Moreover, this integration with other systems also optimizes collaborative work with other departments in the company.

Which print management software to use ?

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