Do you run a business or organization with a printing fleet? The destruction, loss or theft of sensitive and confidential data can have serious repercussions on your business. To remedy this, the use of print management software is recommended. This type of software solution offers many benefits for data security.

Audit and reporting

Auditing and reporting are important features for print data security. This action allows you to record and monitor all printing activities in the work environment. You know which user printed what and when. This is possible with software that generates detailed information about printer usage and printing activities. With audit reports, you can monitor printer usage and verify compliance with security policies. To conduct a detailed audit of your print fleet, get a good print management software.

Authentication and authorization system

On the one hand, authentication is a process that verifies a user’s identity. On the other hand, authorization determines what actions a user can perform on the system. With print management software, authentication can be done via username and password, ID cards or fingerprints. As for authorization, it can be configured to give or deny access to certain software features. This depends on the role assigned to the user.

Encryption of print data

Encryption or data encryption is a process that protects sensitive data by encoding it. This way, it cannot be read by someone who does not have the appropriate decryption key. Fortunately, for companies and organizations, this feature is available with print management software. Encryption is the ideal solution for protecting sensitive information. This includes employee personal data and confidential company information.

Regular updates of the print management software

Software updates are important for the security of print data. They can include fixes for known security weaknesses, performance and reliability improvements. Add to that access to new features. By regularly installing updates, you ensure that your print management software is working optimally. That way, your data is protected from known threats. In addition, updates help with data protection compliance.

Access rights management for print data and devices

Access rights management is a feature that allows you to control and restrict access to a system or resource. In the case of print management software, access management can be implemented using user accounts, roles and permissions. You can assign users specific roles to determine what actions they can perform in the print environment. For example, you can restrict access to printing devices and the right to perform printing activities. Note that there are other factors to consider for choosing print management software.

Which print management solution to use ?

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