Is your print fleet generating a lot of expenses? This is one of the results of poor print management. Without centralized, streamlined management, your print department will create many problems. To develop an effective strategy, you must first identify bad practices. In other words, “define poor print management”.

Inefficient print processes

An inefficient printing process refers to a printing method that is not simple, fast and efficient. This can be explained through a variety of factors, including slow print speed. If print jobs take too long to complete, it greatly affects the productivity of the business. A common mistake is to do a large volume of printing instead of dividing it into several smaller, manageable jobs. This results in a long wait and increased resource usage. Add to that the need for manual intervention in the printing process such as manually sorting printed documents. To increase productivity, use print management software that automates time-consuming and complex tasks.

Unsecured print devices

Insecure print devices pose security risks to sensitive and confidential data. This concerns all printing devices such as printers, copiers, scanners, etc. Among the risks are:
  • Sensitive data leakage: confidential or sensitive documents can be printed by mistake, stolen or intercepted by unauthorized parties.
  • Cyberattacks: Unsecured printing devices can be used as a gateway to corporate networks by cybercriminals.
  • Compliance risks: businesses may be at risk of non-compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.
So be sure to secure your print environment to prevent the destruction, loss or theft of print data.

Unnecessary and excessive printing

It is a fact that most companies print a lot of documents that are not essential to their business. These unnecessary printed documents include emails, web pages, draft documents, etc. In the long run, this type of printing activity generates a lot of expenses for the company. It is mainly a question of additional costs with a higher replenishment of printing consumables: paper, ink and toner. In addition, think about the cost of electricity consumption. To avoid wasting resources, implement a good printing policy. Don’t know how to set up this print management tool? Learn the essentials of a good printing policy.

Untrained users

Lack of user training can lead to inefficient use of printing processes. The potential consequences of this lack of training are many. Among the disadvantages of untrained users are:
  • Wasted resources: untrained users do not adopt best printing practices and waste resources unnecessarily.
  • Quality issues: untrained users do not know how to achieve the best print results. This results in lower quality printed documents.
  • Security issues: Users not trained in security practices may print sensitive documents without proper protection. This can lead to data leakage.
To address these issues, learn tips for optimizing your company’s print management

What tool should I use to manage my printing ?

Do you need a tool to manage your company’s or organization’s print flows? Opt for the KPAX solution, a universal software solution for all structures with a printing service. We offer you a tool rich in printing functionalities and customizable according to your printing needs. The KPAX solution is compatible with a large choice of printing devices, of several brands and models. This software solution is therefore suitable for the management of a heterogeneous printing fleet. Do not wait any longer to use the KPAX solution and manage your printing infrastructure properly.