KPAX reinvents print fleet management

KPAX is a centralized management solution for multi-brand office printing devices. Through a unique interface, it provides access to information from all the printing devices. Whatever the number of locations, clients, or devices – KPAX enables the implementation of management print services (MPS) to reduce the fleet’s financial and ecological costs, so as to improve the quality of service & develop new services – Since 2009, our servers have been managing over 800,000 machines for 400,000 end customers, over 15 brands and over 6000 different printer models.

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KPAX - Software Print Management

For Office Printing Systems

Independent and multi-brand printing system distributors, printer and MFP manufacturers, toner suppliers, printing system auditing and consulting professionals. KPAX helps you meet your critical needs :

Produce the best service at the lowest possible cost

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KPAX - Solution for office printing system
Improve monitoring printing system fleet with KPAX

Make Technicians
Jobs Easier

KPAX meets the needs of large accounts, with multi-brand copiers and printers deployed on several sites and who wish to improve the monitoring of their printing system fleet. 

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Spend less time managing your collection agents with KPAX Liberty

KPAX Liberty is an easy to use, very secure hardware collection agent that works with KPAX and it’s not a Raspberry Pi!

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Simplify managing collection agents with KPAX Liberty
Optimize your processes by integrating KPAX with your applications

KPAX allows to develop advanced connectors with third party applications

Optimize your processes by integrating KPAX with your applications

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Pay only for the data you use with the Koins

Information on meters, consumables, technical support,
pay only for what you need.

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Affordable solution with KPAX
Bluemega team - KPAX solution


Since 1995, Bluemega has been developing and providing software that enables professionals in the printing market, but also companies, local authorities and administrations to implement managed printing (MPS) and documentary (MDS) services.


How to buy our Print Management Services

Offer available in Cloud mode or On premise
Unlimited collection agent count, unlimited users
No commitment of duration, you get out when you want
Includes technical support and updates

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how to buy our print management services


Why is KPAX the best print fleet management software ?

To optimize the entire printing process of a printer fleet, an MPS provider needs a powerful and flexible management tool. The question is: which print fleet management software to choose? Discover why KPAX Manage is the ideal solution for printing market professionals and enterprise account managers. Print fleet management software definition A print fleet management …

Print data : a key element in print fleet management

“Information is power.” This quote applies to various fields, including print fleet management. Indeed, to effectively manage a fleet of printers and copiers, it is essential to know, among other things, your print and copy quotas. These are the “print data.” What is print data ? “Print data” refers to information or metrics used to …

A-Solutions (PTY) LTD and the benefits of using KPAX in and MPS SLA Environment

{:en} KPAX has changed the way we handle our SLA clients With the ability to test multiple MPS applications across multiple brands, we have found a suitable home for KPAX within our Service and Sales structures. With the tool being proactive on alerts and customisable on filters, the tool has made us more productive in: …

Axium Solutions tells us about its experience with KPAX

Axium Solutions was created in 2012 around 4 main activities which are printing, telephony, IT and screens (digital signage and touch screens). The head office is located near Paris and our coverage is France. Our offer is aimed at both SMB and large national accounts, in practice we are very present with players in the …

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