To optimize the entire printing process of a printer fleet, an MPS provider needs a powerful and flexible management tool. The question is: which print fleet management software to choose? Discover why KPAX Manage is the ideal solution for printing market professionals and enterprise account managers.

Print fleet management software definition

A print fleet management software, like KPAX, is a software solution designed to centralize the management of printers and printing processes. It is an essential tool for professionals to control various aspects of a printing environment. It helps reduce printing costs, secure printers and printing jobs, and most importantly, enhance fleet productivity. Note: While office printers are the primary devices managed by this tool, it can also manage other devices such as copiers and multifunction devices (MFPs).

Features of a print fleet management software

A print fleet management software offers several advanced features for managing office printer fleets:

Printer Management

  • Management of printers.
  • Inventory of printing devices.
  • Status of printers and other peripherals.
  • Alerts for errors and issues.

Print Workflow Management

  • Implementation of print rules.
  • Tracking of print jobs.
  • Detailed reports and analysis of print activity.

Consumables Management

  • Monitoring of toner or ink levels.
  • Management of consumables ordering and stock.
  • Optimization of consumables usage.

User Management

  • Management of printer access rights.
  • User authentication.

Why choose KPAX ?

Today, there are numerous software solutions for managing printer fleets on the market. While they all aim for the same goal, each solution has its own unique features ? Why is KPAX the preferred choice for print fleet management ?

User-friendly software solution

When selecting a print fleet management software, ease of use should be a primary consideration. No matter how powerful a software is, if it’s too complex to use, administrators will struggle to effectively manage their printer and copier fleets. This is where KPAX stands out. Our print management solution offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, catering to users of varying technical expertise. In addition to the interface, configuring and deploying the software is straightforward, enabling administrators to quickly manage print infrastructures. Note For environments where traditional setups are challenging, KPAX offers a hardware agent to collect print data. This solution is particularly ideal for print fleets without workstations or servers.

Powerful and flexible

How many office printers do you manage? Do you manage printers across multiple sites? To provide quality Managed Print Services (MPS), you need a management solution capable of meeting both current and future client needs. In other words, you need software that can adapt to the evolving needs of print fleets. With KPAX, you can manage as many printers and users as you need. Offering a cloud-based solution, you can remotely manage your printer fleets from anywhere. Several advanced features such as alerts and notifications are available to ensure proactive and responsive management.

Integration with other systems

One of the key challenges in print management is enhancing productivity. A software solution achieves this goal through automation and optimization of printing processes. However, to truly improve operational efficiency, the software must integrate seamlessly with other existing systems or solutions. KPAX is the ideal solution for enhancing collaborative work within a company or organization. In addition to managing printers and print workflows, KPAX integrates with other third-party software. This includes ERP software, Document Management Systems (DMS), and Content Management Systems (CMS). Don’t hesitate to acquire KPAX software now and enjoy its numerous benefits.