As a distributor or print fleet manager, offering effective outsourcing services is essential. KPAX, with its ability to centrally and neutrally manage multi-brand print fleets across multiple sites, provides an optimal platform for structuring a customized management plan. Leverage our expertise to implement a high-performance management plan.

Strategic Objectives of the Management Plan with KPAX

Use KPAX to define precise and measurable objectives that meet the specific needs of each client, such as reducing printing costs or improving productivity. KPAX allows for proactive monitoring of consumables and equipment, facilitating the prioritization and implementation of necessary actions.

Audit and Adaptation to Fleet Needs with KPAX

Leverage KPAX’s comprehensive reporting capabilities to conduct a thorough assessment of your print fleet. Detailed insights into equipment usage and print flows empower you to pinpoint areas for improvement and tailor solutions to meet the specific requirements of each fleet.

KPAX Resources and Technologies for Optimal Management

Beyond human and financial resources, KPAX equips you with advanced technological tools for remote printer management. Its automatic data collection and alert management functionality ensures you are always informed about the status of consumables and maintenance needs, enabling prompt and efficient intervention. Practical Actions

Cost Reduction:

Optimize Consumable Usage: KPAX helps you monitor and optimize consumable usage to minimize waste and reduce printing costs by up to 20% annually.

Data Security:

Enforce Authentication: Implement robust authentication measures using KPAX’s advanced features to restrict access to printing devices and protect sensitive data.


Promote Sustainable Practices: Encourage eco-friendly printing habits, such as duplex printing and using recycled paper, with KPAX’s support.

Training and Monitoring with KPAX

Implement effective training and practical workshops to ensure that all users understand and adhere to established printing policies, supported by KPAX’s performance tracking tools. These measures guarantee that the recommended practices are followed and that the performance objectives are met.

Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation with KPAX

With KPAX, the management plan is never static. Utilize KPAX’s detailed reports and analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies and make real-time adjustments. This ensures that the print fleet remains optimal and that the changing needs of clients are always satisfied.