Majority of companies do not really know the cost of printing, which can however represent up to 3% of overall turnover. Indeed, many companies have no idea of ​​their print cartridge inventory or its value, despite very real budgetary risks. So, just with the hardware and maintenance, it may seem complicated to have an accurate view of your printing expenses. But if so many companies underestimate their printing expenses, it is because a large part of these expenses is “invisible”. Among the costs that you may not have yet identified, we find in particular all the resources used internally, whether for administrative management or the technical management of the printer fleet. Printing is a daily burden for IT teams, who spend a lot of time responding to requests from business users. Beyond these logical operating costs, there are other unnecessary expense factors that could be avoided: the early replacement of a cartridge in a printer, the inconvenience caused when consumables break. Here are some reasons why you need to optimize your company’s print fleet management.

Optimize your print fleet management will let you to control runaway printing costs

A lack or absence of management of your printing fleet leads to waste and unreported expenses. By reviewing all print operations, businesses can find where they are wasting money and implement policies to reduce those costs. When optimizing the print fleet, you will need to start by assessing the current environment, your business processes, and their usage. For this, a managed print server (MPS) provider could help you, and specifically to design a solution adapted to all your document-related workflows. They will also allow you to monitor your activity to avoid wasted printing across the entire fleet of devices. Why do you need to optimize your company's print fleet management?

Providing an efficient and releable fleet of multifunction printers

In general, any printer over five years old will cost more to operate. So, replacing those worn-out devices with modern, multifunction ones drastically reduces energy costs and saves money on toner and ink. Noting that the new printers are smaller and consume less electricity during operation while having better imaging technologies to reduce the amount of ink required for each print. Moreover, the newer the equipment, the less prone it is to breakdowns and malfunctions, which will increase the efficiency of the office from reliable printers. So when you find that your devices need frequent repairs, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

You can sreamline all document related processes

Optimizing your print fleet is an occasion to review all documentation related processes. In fact, with many workforces operating remotely over the last year, some workflows may already be obsolete. Therefore, reviewing every process and streamlining the workflows can bring additional savings to the company.

You will reduce the environmental footprint of the Business

Even if the initiative aims to streamline print operations and increase staff efficiencies, running a sustainable business should still factor in the optimization process. By using remanufactured toner, the company will save money while doing their part for the environment. Manufacturing toner cartridges use many natural resources and produce chemicals like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). By reusing cartridges, companies will pay less for supplies while limiting the number of emissions required for manufacturing new OEM products.

You will save money by optimizing your company’s print fleet

Optimize your company’s print fleet help you to identify underutilized and overutilized devices and be sure your fleet is right-sized. It is extremely beneficial to track printer usage and make sure it is in line with your budget. It helps you to be in the know about print volumes, device usage, supply information, service data, and spending. Copier and printer services play also a vital role in managing expenses. It can be confusing if your business has different locations with different printing needs. It’s even more complicated to work with multiple print vendors and contracts. To summarize, optimizing your company’s print fleet management will help you to control runaway printing costs, provide you an efficient and releable fleet of multifunction printers, sreamline all document realted processes and reduce your environmental footprint.