Would you like to optimize your company or organization’s print management? Good print management offers several benefits such as reducing printing costs and securing data. But for this, it is necessary to adopt good printing practices. To help you with this, discover the strategies you can follow to maximize the efficiency of your print and copy fleet.

Adopt centralized print management

To properly monitor your company’s print jobs, centralized management is a must. In practice, this means managing all printing devices from a single location. This management solution is practical for all situations, whether you want to oversee printing activities at one location or at multiple sites. Depending on the size and complexity of the print fleet, you can have one or more administrators. This option is possible with the use of an online print management software. You can control everything from the platform, such as the management of printer access rights and the management of consumable stocks. This is a considerable advantage on all levels, whether it is data security or cost reduction.

Rationalize printing activities

It is a fact that most companies and organizations tend to waste printing consumables like paper, ink and toner cartridges. This is due to a lack of control over printing activities in the work environment. In addition to increasing printing costs, this lack of control can jeopardize the security of sensitive and confidential data. That’s why it’s crucial to rationalize printing activities by implementing strict rules. In other words, set up a “printing policy“. This can include setting a daily print quota and limiting who can print documents. To reduce printing costs, it is advisable to use multifunctional devices. If the rationalization is too complicated to implement, don’t hesitate to call on professional print management services.

Use new advanced technologies

Want to optimize the productivity of your print department? To be more productive, it is essential to automate business processes to save time on time-consuming and complex tasks. To do this, you need to use tools that allow the automation of printing work. These tools include connected printers and print management software. These tools optimize the efficiency of printing services by making tasks easier to complete and manage. With a wirelss printers, for example, a user can print a document from a mobile device (mobile printing). With print management software, you can monitor the company’s print flow from anywhere at any time.

Sensitise and train users

Users are the major actors of a good print management. If users adopt good practices, your company will gain in efficiency and productivity. But it is still necessary that your employees feel concerned by the subject. That’s why it’s important to run an awareness campaign to make employees understand the importance of good print management. Of course, in order for users to assimilate good printing practices and prohibitions, training sessions must be organized. The creation of a user guide is highly recommended to help users learn and remember the protocols to follow. Alternatively, another solution to make users more responsible is to offer rewards. This method is less intrusive and more pleasant.

KPAX, the leading print management solution

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