Does your company or organization have a poorly managed print department? Good print management is essential for many reasons, such as reducing printing costs and avoiding wasted consumables. To achieve this result, discover our tips for optimizing your organization’s print management.

Establish a printing policy

In order for your employees to adopt good printing practices, you need to make them enforceable. This is what a print policy is for. It is a set of best practices that users must follow within the printing environment. The rules in the print policy can vary depending on the type of activity. In any case, it must take into account 4 important parameters. These are: productivity, cost reduction, document and data security and environmental impact. To ensure that your printing policy is respected by all employees, implement an awareness campaign. The objective is to inform employees about the benefits and dangers of not following the rules. If necessary, also provide user training. In order to establish a good printing policy, familiarize yourself with the challenges of print management.

Use print management software

How do you know if your print fleet is working properly? Which printer is being used the most and which is down? Also, do you know your company’s print volume? To ensure proper print management, you need to take an inventory and audit your print fleet. This way, you have detailed data on which items require further action. To get these detailed reports, the use of print management software is recommended. In addition to providing periodic reports, this type of software solution provides other printing features. Don’t wait any longer to get a print fleet management solution and enjoy its many benefits.

Limit access to data and print devices

One of the main causes of consumable waste in companies is unlimited access to printing devices. Indeed, if all your employees have access to the print fleet, they can use the printers and copiers as they wish. This situation should be avoided, because the printing service is misused. In addition to the waste of consumables, there is a risk for the security of sensitive and confidential data. This can be accidental or intentional by malicious people. To prevent misuse of the printing service, limit access to data and devices. This way, only authorized people can initiate printing on a device. Authorizations can be a badge or a login with a password.

Use high-performance printing devices

As with other devices, printing devices are evolving with the technology. If you want to optimize your company’s print management, get the best multifunction printers. There are several reasons to buy new printers. Buying a new printer allows you to take advantage of a more efficient printing device. This is crucial if you have to keep up with a daily print volume. With newer printers and copiers, you are also guaranteed good print quality. The purchase of one or more printers may also be necessary for compatibility with other technologies. Indeed, a model of recent wifi printers is recommended to make a mobile printing. Add to that compatibility with print management software.

Call in the experts in print management

Print management is a complex and time-consuming task. If you don’t have the manpower and skills to handle it, outsourced management is a great alternative. This printing solution has many advantages for small businesses and large accounts. Among the advantages of a delegated print management, we cite the saving of time. You spend less time managing your print devices so you can focus on your core business. In addition, you get the services of an expert who ensures the proper management of your print fleet. If you are still hesitating, discover the advantages of remote management of MFPs.

KPAX Manage, the reference for print fleet management

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