Do you want to optimize your company or organization’s print management? Good print management provides many benefits such as cost reduction and productivity. But to do so, it is necessary to understand what the signs of poor print management are.

What are the problems that prevent good print management ?

Focus on the main problems encountered in print management.

Decentralized management of the printer fleet

Does your company or organization have several printing devices? The mistake not to make is to leave your peripherals within the reach of all employees, without any supervision. This situation is conducive to wasting consumables on non-essential print jobs. In other words, your printing service is used for personal purposes by your employees. If nothing is done about it, your printing budget will increase considerably. That’s why it’s important to centrally manage your printing systems. To do this, equip your organization with a good print management solution.

Management without a print policy

If every employee can use the printing devices in your fleet, data security can be compromised. Indeed, a user can accidentally or negligently cause data loss or theft. In the worst case scenario, users may have bad intentions. These situations are to be feared in an era where espionage and sabotage are common in the professional world. To manage your printer fleet properly, implement a printing policy with rules that govern printing activities. Note that in order to properly assimilate the new rules, awareness and training of employees is required.

Lack of technical support

A printing fleet can malfunction or break down at any time. This can happen when your printing system or a printer driver is obsolete. Besides software problems, there are also hardware problems. In both cases, the incidents cause printing activity to stop. If your company does not have an expert in this field, the situation may last. The longer the problem persists, the more damage the situation does to the company. That’s why it’s a good idea to get help from experts in printing services. To go further, learn about the importance of remote printer monitoring.

How do you solve these print management issues?

Is your business or organization facing the problem listed below? Find out what solutions you can use to address it.

Get print management software

Of course, print policy is a powerful print management tool. However, in order to enforce the rules, the use of a software solution is necessary. This is a centralized printer management software. With this type of tool, you can easily monitor and control printing activities in your work environment. This is ideal for ensuring cost reduction and savings. Add to that features to secure printed data and documents such as user authentication. To learn more about it, see what is print management software.

Delegate print management

In addition to using print management software, the services of a professional can also be useful. Indeed, having a printing service and controlling your printing infrastructure are not the same thing. What to do in case of breakdown or malfunction? Moreover, you should know that there are printing standards to respect in a company, from the choice of ink type to the format of the printed document. With Managed Print Services or MPS solutions, take advantage of the expertise of professionals to solve problems and comply with standards.

Which print management solution should I use?

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