The new version of KPAX v3 (3.0.7) has been released today, July 12th. This evolution introduces custom fields and associated automatisms.

  • Custom fields allow you to add new columns of data to your devices, agents and accounts. The data contained in these columns can be integers, decimals, strings, dates and times or Boolean (Yes/No). This new functionality allows you to indicate for example the location (site, building, floor), a contact name, the contract number, the asset number, the installation or contract start date,…
  • These custom fields can benefit from automations (new rule action) that modify the content of the fields (only on integers for the moment) such as arithmetic operations, copy the value of another field or put a fixed value. Here are some examples of applications:
    • Increment and decrement values based on consumable alert notifications to automatically update the ink cartridge inventory that is attached to a machine
    • Store meter values at specific times, such as when changing consumables, for analysis or billing purposes.

Custom fields and associated automations allow users to complete information on agents, accounts, and machines, and to associate business processes specific to their needs.