For the past few years, distributors of printers, consumables and print multifunction devices have had easy remote monitoring of equipment deployed at customers’ premises and thus provide a better experience for their customers. KPAX Manage is an innovative and proven solution that reduces the operational costs of the after-sales service department in order to preserve the sales margin. 

KPAX Manage, for remote management and administration functions

Today; companies, communities and administrations are opting to digitize  their business processes, which contributes to improving efficiency but also to reducing their printing costs. However, this common initiative is irrevocably damaging the business of printer distributors and printing consumables. Faced with these new printing habits, print distributors must find new solutions to compensate for the decline in revenue.   KPAX Manage has been created to provide print professionals with a better management of the operational costs of the after-sales service. The benefits of this powerful printer fleet management tool also allow them to offer new commercial arguments for the satisfaction of their customers. They now have reliable and factual information to discuss with customers and guide their purchases. KPAX Manage is an independent fleet management solution that is compatible with all printer and copier manufacturers.   It is a time-saving tool for its users. Above all, it makes invoicing easier, reduces ink stocks and optimises the work of the technicians who carry out maintenance. There are many criteria that impact the profitability of the printed page. Among these criteria, we distinguish the price of consumables and parts as well as the remuneration of the professional in charge of maintenance, and this last item is currently time-consuming and very costly. With a solution such as KPAX Manage, printer and consumable distributors can offer their customers attractive costs. With this printer fleet management solution, they can help their customers to reduce their expenses, while at the same time having optimal printing usage. This approach allows them to build customer loyalty and gain new customers by leveraging the business case for this solution.   The KPAX Manage solution offers multi-brand retailers a solution to the after-sales service issues related to new printing uses. It helps them to protect their sales margins while taking control of their expenses. How can it do this? 

By automating routine processes! It enables the number of pages printed to be determined without the need for professional intervention. The solution thus leads to significant financial savings, by avoiding the cost of travel for print technicians and the cost of working hours.

By limiting the delivery of consumables to the essential! This technology intervenes to favour the automation of certain steps, in order to avoid counter-productive practices.

By making it possible to solve certain problems remotely while optimising online interventions.

The benefits of print fleet management software are numerous. As David Matheron, Technical Director of Soram, a company specialising in the sale of printing software solutions, hardware and consumables, explains: “KPAX Manage has also made it possible to provide an automatic delivery service for consumables. As a result, customers no longer have to worry about anything and the stock of consumables has been reduced by 70%.

KPAX is  the industry’s most innovative print management solution. Discover our guide “Tracking, managing and governing a print fleet for multi-brand retailers.” To find out more about our print fleet management solution, visit our contact us page on our contact form or call us on +33 (0)1 69 35 46 46