Are you concerned about the security of your print data? In the digital age, your fears are well-founded, as cyber-attacks are unfortunately commonplace, with businesses being the main targets. In this context, improving the security of your printers is a priority. Here are five print management tips to help you secure your printers.

No. 1: Choose the right location for your printers

Printer security takes many factors into account, the first of which is physical security. It’s crucial to install your printers, copiers and other printing devices in a protected location. This is essential to prevent sensitive and confidential data falling into the wrong hands. To achieve this, opt for a strategic area, with restricted and well-monitored access. If possible, install surveillance cameras, or ensure that devices are always visible to the administrator. To prevent data loss and theft, ensure that only authorized persons enter the printing environment.

No. 2: Limit printing privileges

If you want to avoid leakage and loss of sensitive data internally, then you need to limit access to this information. In other words, reduce the number of people who have access to printers and who are authorized to print documents. Even among those authorized to print, delimit these privileges. Depending on the specific needs of each user, assign access privileges accordingly. For example, if the user is not authorized to scan documents, he or she should not have access to the scanning function of a scanner or MFP. To get this kind of advanced functionality on all your devices, use print management software. Print management : 5-tips-for-printers-security-2.

No. 3: Delete print data backups

Today’s professional printers feature a function that allows print data to be temporarily saved on the device. This feature is useful in many situations, such as managing queues and resuming printing after an interruption. The problem is that if your devices are connected to a network (the Internet), the data stored on them can be stolen. This is especially true of printers with firmware that hasn’t been updated, as they can be riddled with security holes. To avoid this risk, we recommend that you regularly delete the temporary backup of your printers. Of course, if you think the temporary backup is very useful, you can keep it. However, make sure that print data is encrypted to avoid the risk of theft.

No. 4: Use strong passwords and change them regularly

What should you do if unauthorized persons gain access to your print fleet and use one of your printers? This is where passwords come into their own. Today’s professional printers and MFPs can be equipped with a password to restrict use of the device. You can add passwords to restrict access to certain actions, such as starting a print job or changing printer settings. For optimum efficiency, we recommend using a strong password. In addition, change your password regularly to prevent any leaks. To help you in this task, take a look at some tips for creating strong passwords.

No. 5: Define customized security protocols

Some security measures, such as passwords and data encryption, are standard for all types of organization. But remember that every organization has its own specificities, such as the number of printers available. So don’t limit yourself to basic IT security measures. First, carry out an in-depth assessment of your needs, including a print fleet audit, and define the objectives to be achieved. Next, define printing rules to protect your print data against internal problems and external attacks. If necessary, call in an IT security expert, or even a print security expert.

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