Does your company or organization have a printing fleet? At a time when ecology is a major issue in the professional world, you need to monitor the environmental impact of your company. To do so, discover our tips for an eco-friendly printing activity.

Why practice an eco-friendly printing activity?

Before we talk about green printing practices, let’s first understand why it’s essential to your business or organization. First of all, know that an eco-friendly printing activity is necessary to avoid your company being categorized as a polluter. Indeed, at a time when the protection of the environment is a major issue, it is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint of your company. To do so, a good printing management is essential. Secondly, in addition to limiting the environmental impact of your structure, an eco-responsible printing activity also provides benefits. One of them is the reduction of costs related to printing with less waste of paper and ink cartridges. This is ideal for saving money on the printing service budget. To do this, get a centralized print system management tool.

What are the best practices to follow for an eco-friendly printing job?

Find out what best practices you can follow to have an eco-friendly printing service.

Inform and train end users

Employees are both the source of the consumable waste problem and the solution. By putting your employees at the heart of your project to improve the management of your printing fleet, you will ensure its success. To do this, you need to make users aware of the importance of green printing. Then, you need to train them on how to avoid waste. This includes the use of draft mode for documents printed internally. To make it easier for your employees to adopt these practices, incorporate green rules into your printing policy. To learn more, understand why print management is so important.

Limit print jobs to the essentials

If there’s one practice to remember from this list, it’s to limit print jobs. You should know that most companies overprint. This is due to several reasons, the main one being the lack of supervision in the printing department. If you allow all employees to do printing jobs, they will print documents without restraint. They may even indulge in printing documents for personal use. That’s why it’s essential to limit access to printing devices. In addition, printing activities should be controlled by restricting the number of authorized users. With the features of a print management software, limiting waste is quite feasible.

Dematerialize business documents

To waste less paper and ink or toner cartridges, use digital documents. The use of digital files avoids the printing of paper documents. In addition, this solution facilitates the sharing of data within the structure and with customers and suppliers. Moreover, digital documents such as invoices have the same legal value as paper documents. From this point of view, proceeding to the dematerialization of company documents is recommended. Depending on the nature of your business, you can even go paperless. Of course, paper documents will always be useful.

Use ecological equipment and materials

Today, in view of the importance of environmental protection, ecological equipment and materials exist on the market. It is therefore essential to purchase this type of product to be eco-responsible. In practice, you must equip yourself with a fleet of ecological printers and photocopiers. This means devices that use more and consume less ink to do a printing job. It also means a less energy-intensive printing device that uses little electricity. On the supply side, use recycled paper and inks with an eco-label or certification.

Control the company’s print flow

To streamline your company’s or organization’s printing activities, you need to know the characteristics of your printing fleet. Focus on the volume of printing. Is the print volume proportional to the company’s needs? To be sure, you need to monitor the print jobs of your structure to get detailed reports. This is possible with a print workflow management solution. This way, you can know who is performing print jobs. With this information, you are able to take effective measures to combat supply waste. To control your company’s print flow, equip yourself with a print fleet management solution like KPAX.