With an evolving vision for your business, you must consider or reconsider your IT strategies and digital transformation plans. Thinking about office printing devices that should be monitored and managed well is part of that vision. In fact, when professional office printing devices are well monitored and managed, efficiency and profitability increase. Plus, it is an operational practice which is quite feasible remotely thanks to providers of Managed Print Services (MPS). The latter enables users to print and digitize information from anywhere on any device, virtually, without putting the security of the organization at stake. For more information on how remote printer management works, go through this article.

What is remote printer management?

Remote monitoring and printer management service is a Cloud-based software platform, which is essentially complete and reliable with high-performance, and has optimized and cost-effective management of the printer and multifunction printer (MFP) fleet. That software platform is dedicated to the detection and remote monitoring of data from devices and its management. New and easy-to-use versions of software platforms for the remote monitoring and management of printers of any brand and model are available on the market. We can definitely talk about a great deal of assets in having that remote monitoring and printer management service provided to your business, such as:
  • the increase of operational efficiency and the focus on business outcomes;
  • the improvement of workflow productivity;
  • the decrease of the cost of print operations;
  • the reduction of overall print services infrastructure and operating costs;
  • the optimization of your print environment;
  • the improvement of print /document security and data collection;
  • the management of supplies;
  • the management of Cloud infrastructure;
  • the support of services;
  • the support of remote workers.
Basically, remote monitoring and management of printers simplify the whole management of a business. It is then an Ideal solution for enterprise businesses, from large enterprises to the public sector to small and medium businesses, as it can be used to manage a variety of printing tasks for large networks of printers. Employees’ computers are properly connected to an organization’s printers and the entire network is managed from a single location.

How does remote printer management work?

If you feel concerned about your print output, the solution is to have your printer managed remotely by a remote monitoring and printer management service provider. For your digital transformation, remote printer management is a solution available as a Cloud-based service, which is referred to as a wide range of services delivered on demand to companies and customers over the Internet. On the other hand, as a customer, you can choose your subscription (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual) and means of payment (pay-per-use mode, without any upfront investment in hardware or software licenses) depending on the agreement you have with the service provider. Remote monitoring and printer management service providers also allow you to select the level of involvement that suits your budget and resources. In other words, you can either manage key components of Managed Print Services (MPS) in-house or outsource some areas completely to them and take a co-management approach in other areas. In addition, the Managed Print Services (MPS) Monitor system can be tested very thoroughly by requesting a demo for instance; it can be activated in few minutes, with a simple registration.

KPAX, the multi-brand printing fleet management solution

A scalable solution that serves some of the largest organizations in the world, KPAX is a software that coordinates all processes that take place between the printer hardware and the devices requiring print jobs. It is designed to save your organization time and money by providing actual controls over its entire printer and multifunction printer (MFP) and scanner fleet. KPAX is the multi-brand printing fleet management solution which is tailored to your business. On the one hand, they have offers that are aligned to your needs; and on the other hand, they provide strategic guidance to help organizations improve and evolve its print environment. KPAX guarantees minimal disruption in the implementation of your new print environment and the management of the change thanks to professional project management, quick and easy installation, and training services that they offer. On the whole, KPAX helps you manage your print fleet with the power of cloud technology to meet the needs of hybrid workforce, by way of explanation, the combination of in-office and remote work. In a nutshell, having your printer management monitored remotely is already a digital transformation; yet digital transformation leads to business transformation. As a business owner, take advantage of innovation and technology and choose a secure and flexible managed print services solution for your business. Many remote monitoring and printer management service providers have moved the entire printing process to the “Cloud” so that end users do not have to worry about drivers, operating systems and end devices while printing. So, enjoy printing anytime, anywhere from any device to any printer!!!