KPAX 3.0.19 will be available from July 18th with a lot of new features
Many new features in this new version :
  • A new dashboard allowing a better visibility on the consumption of Koins by period such as the consumption of Koins over the last 6 months as well as the projections of consumption by the end of the month and by the end of the quarter.
  • The ability to view and export consumption details (page volumes) by machine over a customisable period of time.
  • In order to complete missing information in MIB, it is now possible to overload the fields manufacturer, model, location, serial number and installation date.
  • Introduction of the asset ID field which can be edited to facilitate the identification of the asset and to facilitate the correspondence with the ERP.
  • In order, for example, to calculate counter differences between two dates and facilitate invoicing or to measure the evolution of consumable stocks between two dates, it is now possible to view, calculate and export integer or decimal field comparisons between two dates.
  • Asset ID fields as well as manufacturer, model, location, serial number, installation date and all custom fields are editable from a function in the APIs.
  • Possibility to move an agent from one account to another in case of error when associating the agent to the acount or to simplify the installations (You only use one PUK code 😉).
  • KPAX Liberty: Possibility to rescan an equipment or to reboot a box remotely.
  • Improved stability and security of the solution.
  • No update of the collection agent in this release, the update will come later.
  • If you are wondering 😉 The team is still working to make the migrations from KPAX v2 to KPAX v3 available.
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