The new features included in this new version make it easier to deploy and manage collection agents:
  • Simplification of agent deployment thanks to the preconfigured agent: simply send an email to the end customer who only has to download and install their agent, with no activation information to enter. Benefits: simplify and reduce the time spent on agent deployment, provide a better customer experience.
  • The security note which explains the technical operation of the agent is available online: the email sent to the customer includes a link to the security note, which the customer can access whenever he wishes. The security note includes explanatory information on security, update, architecture, personal data and bandwidth. Benefits: offer more transparency to end customers, facilitate the training and transparency of resellers to their customers
  • Facilitate remote configuration of collection agents: easier import of lists of fixed IP addresses, IP ranges or host names thanks to the batch import option, speed up agent startup and administration. Benefits: time savings and efficiency in the deployment and configuration of agents.
  • Remote scan: It is now possible to execute on demand and remotely, an instant collection on one or more targeted devices. Targeted on-demand scanning enables information on a device to be updated, regardless of the collection schedule. Benefits: take less time to resolve the uncertainties of the collection.
  • Pdf export of statistics: it is now possible to export statistics tables in Pdf. Benefits: easily send reports to your customers.
  • Update of the equipment collection base: 20 new models (all details in Product board) and support for Fuji Xerox machines.
  • New language: Portuguese / Brazilian