Axium Solutions was created in 2012 around 4 main activities which are printing, telephony, IT and screens (digital signage and touch screens). The head office is located near Paris and our coverage is France. Our offer is aimed at both SMB and large national accounts, in practice we are very present with players in the real estate, automotive, industrial and legal sectors. All of our activities rely on 35 employees for a turnover of around €10 million.

Our office and large-format printing offers are based exclusively on Ricoh devices for which we have the EXPERT label. Our fleet of equipment at our customers’ sites consists of just over 1,000 multifunction copiers. We regularly work with Bluemega on PaperCut MF but the beginning of the partnership was on KPAX. Before KPAX, we were using another solution. According to us, KPAX offers a better level of support which is reinforced by the fact that the Bluemega team is attentive to our needs and the KPAX interface is very simple. But it is above all the Liberty box that made the difference! With my previous software I had 70% of my software collection agents permanently disconnected! The Liberty box is a revolution, it is now mandatory in each commercial proposal and generalised on our whole park, the disconnection of the service is less frequent, and the time spent by my team to manage the collection agents is very reduced. Even installation is simpler since it can be configured before going on site or even sent by post. My technicians can concentrate on their first job: providing after-sales service for multifunction copiers!

We use KPAX in conjunction with the ARTIS ERP and it has to be said that the integration between the two solutions greatly facilitates processing. The time and efficiency savings come from the automatic integration of counters in invoicing, delivery of consumables on the basis of time remaining and stock management at the customer’s premises. As far as consumables are concerned, KPAX/ARTIS technologies and the work of my team make it possible to move towards just-in-time delivery and almost no more errors.

Concerning equipment malfunctions, the KPAX technical alert management module is regularly used but I would like to be able to interpret the error codes in order to gain efficiency. And if, in addition, the KPAX solution offered the configuration of Liberty boxes and remote multifunction copiers, then we would really be in an ideal world. Given the involvement and performance of the Bluemega team, I have no doubt that this will happen one day.

Roger Duarte Managing Director & Founder of Axium Solutions