How does KPAX provide a better experience for customers? If you’re an office equipment dealer or managed print service provider, you might think the fleet management software you’re using is for you and not your customer. In a sense, you’re correct. But, the software you use can dramatically influence the customer’s experience as a whole.

If your current software relies heavily on software collection agents, that can be a problem since most workstations are now laptops that are disconnected from the network and taken home nights and weekends. In that scenario, you’re no longer connected to your customer.

You lose access to the information you need to manage the customer’s devices. Your customer now has to essentially manage themselves. They have to call you when a machine goes down or runs out of toner instead of relying on you to seamlessly respond based on proactive alerts. They also have to potentially overpay because of estimated the meter counts. Or, they had to stop what they were doing and go read the meter counts and report them back to you. Consistent connectivity to your customers is imperative when it comes to providing a high-level experience for them.

Fleet management solutions that rely almost exclusively on software-based collection agents are no longer adequate (If indeed they ever were). KPAX has the Liberty—a hardware agent that is easy to use and ready to go out of the box. It doesn’t require a customer workstation or server and can be configured easily with a smartphone. It keeps you connected to your customers and your customers get a great experience.

David Brown – ACDI