Based in Luxemburg, POST Telecom is a provider in the ICT sectors (fixed-line and mobile phones, collaboration, connectivity, networking, security, cloud) and provides Manage Print Services (MPS) for SMBs and big businesses.  In the scope of the governance of their MPS contracts, POST Telecom opted for the KPAX product developed by BLUMEGA, which provides the opportunity to avail of two types of sensors: a software agent installed on each client’s system and the KPAX Liberty device for SMBs, independent of the end client’s infrastructure, which does not require installation on a workstation or server. 98% of our MPS customers are managed through KPAX, giving them access to the advanced proactive administration and reporting services of their printing infrastructure: The KPAX Manage notification service allows POST Telecom to integrate data from KPAX and its ITSM tool, to trigger renewal of supplies, to automatically open technical maintenance tickets based on alerts generated by the peripheral devices and to program the replacement of preventive maintenance kits. The automation of the ticket generation allows POST Telecom to provide their customers with varying levels of SLA which can go as far as manging the planned replacement of supplies on site. KPAX thereby empowers users to optimise their stocks through the automation of orders for supplies and for maintenance kits. The periodical reports on the volumes used by each device have enabled POST Telecom to automatically generate “Cost per page” invoicing. The KPAX “Fleet management” module provides customers with a range of reports allowing them to optimise their printing infrastructure, to monitor the cost savings resulting from the implementation of new centralised management services such as the PaperCut MF solution for example, and to be supported in decisions for redeployment of transformation plans.  As a certified “HP Managed Print Specialist PREMIER Partner”, another element that helped POST Telecom choose the KPAX solution was the fact that it integrates the HP Smart Device Services (SDS) technology which makes it possible to fine tune the management of HP printing machines. For POST Telecom, KPAX has become a central administration tool for our Manage Print Services contracts thanks to its advanced features for multi-brand management and the ease of integration in ITSM, SIEM and in POST Telecom’s invoicing tools.