KPAX Manage came to us in the context of a project to optimise the printing resources in the Cochin Hospital group. One of the aims was to switch from one printing device per two workstations to one device per 6 workstations, taking into consideration matters of occupation related feasibility. Before we started there was no real knowledge of the printing fleet and the volumes printed.

To begin with we managed with the KPAX Discover key; but this only allowed for occasional readings whereas KPAX Manage provides for continuous monitoring. Setting up KPAX Manage enabled us to highlight some inconsistencies in page invoicing by the existing manufacturer, among other things. Now that we have access to volume figures, we can renew multi-function copy machines based on actual recorded data.

Before we had access to the KPAX Manage fleet control module, we used a complicated business intelligence tool to analyse data.The KPAX Manage control module is well designed and the Bluemega development team is flexible and responsive. For example, they implemented the principle of smart files with dynamic contents according to chosen criteria, or customised fields to associate hospital specific information with the devices.

Now, I am impatient for the new features which should allow us to target reports on services and to compare actual use with technical recommendations.

Patrice Garcia –IT Director