Does your company or organization handle documents containing sensitive or confidential information? To guarantee the security of data and printed documents, it’s vital to limit the number of users. The question is: how? Find out how to authenticate users using print management software.  

Why do you need to authenticate users ?

Do you know how much your company prints on a daily basis? Are all these printed documents useful to your business? Wasteful use of supplies is common in companies where there are no rules governing print management. This situation is bad for the company, because it generates additional costs. What’s more, if everyone has access to printing devices, the security of sensitive and confidential documents can be compromised. To remedy this problem, you need to limit the number of users authorized to print. This can be achieved by setting up a system of access rights or user authentication from within the print management solution. In other words, authenticating users helps reduce waste, control printing costs and protect printed documents.

What are the different user authentication systems ?

To prevent unauthorized printing, you can create user profiles. To do this, print management software can offer you several options.

Authentication by badge or access card

Badge or card authentication is a common identification method for print management. In practice, each user is assigned a badge or access card, which must be presented for each print job. Each user has his or her own badge containing identification information such as user name and access code. This information is read by a card reader linked to the printing device to verify the user’s identity. Once the tool has confirmed the user’s identity, it can start printing on the printer, copier or MFP. Print Management : how-to-authenticate-users-2

PIN code authentication

PIN code authentication is a classic method of secure printing. It involves assigning a user or group of users a PIN code to be entered before each print job. This PIN code can be generated automatically by the printer or created manually by the administrator from the control panel. If you choose the second option, it is crucial to create a password that is sufficiently complex to prevent it being stolen by a hacker. This print management solution is commonplace in professional printing environments handling confidential or sensitive information.  

Two-factor or two-variable authentication

2-factor authentication (2 FA) is one of the most effective ways of securing your print jobs. As the name suggests, the user must confirm his or her identity with two authentication methods. The methods vary according to the printing solution you use, but the principle remains the same. Generally speaking, the first authentication involves entering a user name and/or password. As for the second authentication, this can be a code generated by a physical token or a physical application. This secure printing solution is perfect for combating cyber-attacks.

Biometric authentication 

Biometric security solutions have recently become the new standard. This solution involves authenticating users based on their physical characteristics. This can be fingerprint, facial or iris recognition. Biometric authentication is used in many fields, including print management. This solution ensures that only authorized persons can start printing. Of course, to use this security technology, you need print management software that supports this feature. In addition to authentication, there are other factors to consider when choosing print management software.

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