Bluemega Support Centre

Bluemega support centre provides technical assistance to KPAX Manage customers.
It is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 02:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.
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Bluemega support centre


Current version of KPAX Manage : KPAX Agent v2.0.19.0204
KPAX Client v2.0.19.0204  /  KPAX Serveur v2.0.18.1107


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Support levels

Support level 1

The support centre identifies the origin of the incident. If it is previously known or documented, an immediate response is given and no incident ticket is created. If the problem is not due to a handling error or an known issue, the support goes to level 2.

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Support level 1 provides :
• Check the configuration compliance and architecture associated with the proper functioning of the solution.
• Check if the incident is known or documented to resolve it as soon as possible.
• Enable and retrieve logs and trace files required to identify the origin of the malfunction.
• Provide appropriate hardware and software corrections
• If the problem is not resolved immediately: Document the information associated with the incident in the Bluemega support software.
and where there is access to the support portal of the publisher.
• The Bluemega support centre decides on the transition to support level 2.

Support level 2

If the support centre is not able to solve the incident at Level 1, it is accelerated to Level 2. A ticket is created in order to facilitate information exchange and the evaluation of the problem. A resolution plan is then implemented and executed. No fix is required.

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Support level 2 provides :
• Submitting a test plan to the customer to identify the source of the problem and propose appropriate actions to solve it.
• Mount a similar configuration in the Bluemega laboratory to implement a plan for further testing, with the objective of identifying the origin of the incident and proposing appropriate actions to solve the same.
• If necessary and agreed by the customer, to provide a solution to perform further testing.
• Upload all new information about the incident in the Bluemega support software.
• In case of major malfunction which is blocking the productivity, Bluemega expert can advise the client on the architecture to be put in place to continue with a degraded mode of production.
• The Bluemega expert shall decide on the transition to support level 3

Support level 3

The support centre has identified and described the incident but is not able to correct it and thus a correction is necessary. The support level 3 is solicited through the development team that develops, tests and deploys the patch.

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Support level 3 provides :
• Assessment of the load and preparing the provisional schedule of patch availability.
• Development of patches (patch or corrected version).
• Testing of patches.
• Dissemination of patches to the client

Service of the ticket

A service ticket is an exceptional assistance operation of 30 minutes duration (which is outside the scope of the support and maintenance). An expert is requisitioned according to the requested operation. Service Tickets are available in packs of 10.

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The opening of tickets allows you to perform :
• Installation of a machine on your behalf (one ticket).
• Treatment and cleaning of your server (traces, archiving, etc.) (2 tickets).
• Import KPAX Manage script in to accounts (client tree using Excel files) (2 tickets).
• Custom Data export (2 tickets).
• Getting started remotely for assistance in reports and notifications (or 1 ticket).
• Correction of error related to improper placement of a customer device in the tree.
• Customizing email and web page (3 tickets).

Phone : +33 (0)1 69 35 46 46   -   Fax : +33 (0)1 69 35 46 47