Fleet Management and Business Intelligence

KPAX Manage is a centralized management solution for multi-brand printing devices and is essential for the implementation of managed services (MPS). It allows the user to automatically recover meter readings, equipment breakdowns or failures and status of supplies from a central console.

The information collected can be imported into ERP and thus simplify billing. Customized reporting allows the sales force to enhance their knowledge of their customers and improve their proposals based on the evidence provided.

The Notification Centre allows resellers to receive alerts in case of a malfunction of a device or a consumable which has been used after the reorder point.

Fleet governance indicators are used to monitor the use of equipment and to detect weaknesses (over or under use of equipment, colour/mono ratio or use of front/back).


The solution can raise counters from printers, copiers and multifunction, and then present the volumes equipment. Then, the data can be imported and used into an ERP. KPAX Manage can also send notifications on technical alerts or the ink level

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